“Megan is an excellent listener and has a knack for bringing diverse viewpoints together toward consensus. I was able to observe first-hand how Megan could learn and understand the unique attributes that each team member brings to the overall project success, and then draw out or encourage each member to contribute in the most meaningful way. Throughout the various development discussions, Megan had great skill for bringing all of us back to thinking about how various actions might affect our desired outcomes, and of examining issues from multiple perspectives in order to arrive at creative solutions.”       — Clinician, Health System

“We rely on Megan to undertake complex public health programs that require excellent analysis skills and strategic thinking.  Megan has a deep understanding of public health and health care, and works very well with our department and a broad range of stakeholders.” –Director, Local Public Health Agency

“Megan is a great leader and has excellent project management and organizing skills. I truly enjoy working with her, and admire her passion and dedication. She understands the role that public health plays in the community and in non-public health settings. She sees connections and helps others to see how multi-disciplinary groups can come together to accomplish goals, set policies, and get things done in the community. In the beginning of the project there were some bumps along the road, but Megan helped us find solutions to road blocks and engage other stakeholders to expand our reach and make the project sustainable. She helped community organizations establish contractual relationships with health plans which gave them the capacity to receive reimbursement for services. This was a game-changer and a key factor in sustaining the project.” –Leader, Community Non-Profit

“I have continually been impressed by Megan’s ability to work with all kinds of stakeholders, including those with differing opinions and personalities, and always keep the project moving forward. Megan’s experience with childhood lead poisoning, asthma and with patients at a local clinic system has given her a full understanding about how people’s home, life, or struggles can intersect with their health on a personal and community level. For example, an innovative neighborhood screening effort can reach families that are limited English proficient, highly mobile, or without a medical home. In my work in healthy homes, we frequently meet families who miss work and school due to uncontrolled asthma but leave the emergency room for a home with mold or cockroach allergens, or seniors who want to remain in their neighborhoods but are struggling with their home’s features, accessing transportation, or have already fallen. Megan brings a complete understanding of how policy established broadly can begin to address disparities, like having a safe and healthy home, or access to healthy food and safe places to play.” –Manager, Local Government Agency

“Ms. Ellingson has skillfully led a diverse group of individuals and organizations with varied agendas to unify around a common goal. This diverse group has included leaders of local health plans, clinical health care providers, and leaders of public health organizations. Ms. Ellingson’s extensive experience in both chronic disease management and health care reimbursement allows her to facilitate meaningful collaboration between health plans and service providers. Finally, her timely engagement of the Department of Human Services in this issue has proved to be a pivotal step that has led to concrete and meaningful changes in DHS’s billing and coding rules. Ms. Ellingson is a diplomatic and assertive leader, listening keenly to all perspectives and then helping to guide diverse parties toward collaborative solutions and tangible outcomes. She knows how to build momentum behind public health initiatives and how to maintain that momentum over time until goals are achieved.” –Physician, Health System

“Megan is a person dedicated to improving the lives of others. I have worked with Megan on many initiatives throughout the past 5-7 years and have always been impressed with her leadership skill and work ethics. Megan is well respected in the community; she is considerate, knowledgeable and listens well. She has a wealth of knowledge as it relates to barriers to health and the health care industry. She also understands where she lacks certain knowledge and is able to pull the appropriate partners together to ensure successful outcomes on the initiatives in which she is involved. Most recently, as I worked with Megan on launching a new work group, her skills as a leader stood out as she helped this multi-disciplinary group focus and narrow the goals, and create meaningful and measurable strategies.”  –Manager, Health Plan

“Megan was instrumental in developing a pilot process so that clinics and community-based organizations could approach the health plans with a project to test the feasibility of reimbursement for the service. Megan has excellent facilitation skills and is able to move multi-disciplinary folks along when they get stuck on issues. She is knowledgeable about best practices and is familiar with different models that could be adapted by public health, health care and communities together to improve the health of communities.” –Manager, State Agency